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Healing Under Eye Serum

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This Healing Under Eye serum has been formulated with care to ensure that all skin types will benefit from the properties of the ingredients chosen. This serum works its magic within one week to smooth fine lines and decrease under eye puffiness.

Directions: Roll under each eye and smooth with finger tips sparingly. A little goes a long way.  


Tamanu Oil: Often used to treat burns, insect bites and stretch marks.

Vitamin E Oil: Nourishing, moisturizing and may decrease wrinkles. Often used to heal scars.

Meadowfoam Oil:Contains 98% long-chain fatty acids making this oil moisturizing and rejuvenating.                                                

Mallow Extract: Contains soothing and protecting properties for dry and sensitive skin. Also used in skincare products to reduce inflammation.

Avocado: Contains natural vitamins B1, B2, and A.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil: Simply the best oil for pampering of more mature skin types. This essential oil works by stimulating red blood cells which improves appearances by adding elasticity and tone to skin.